We’re banding together to globally adopt encrypted DNS.


The Domain Name System (DNS) is the Internet’s naming protocol, translating names like example.com into the IP addresses of destination servers. Users rely on the DNS for all they do - from using the web to mobile apps, streaming video, email, and more. Our goal is to work together to adopt new encrypted DNS standards on a global basis to improve user privacy & security, while also preserving the distributed architecture of DNS operations & administration, maintaining global DNS security and stability, and supporting existing DNS-based technical functions. Read more here.

— Though this initiative launched on 9.9.19. We still welcome additional participants and will update the participant list as needed. Anyone is welcome to join and participate; this is an open technical community effort. —

Getting Involved

The activity is going on in two places:

1. Open discussion on the EDDI mailing list (public archives)
2. Work Streams on GitHub